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Membership Benefits

Dog Appointment Date Reminders

Keep track of the many important dates in your pet's life! Vet appointments, milestones, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions in your calendar which you do not want to forget or miss. Now you can get instant reminders sent to your E-mail and cell phone (*normal texting rates may apply) on the dates you specify.

Subscription to BARK magazine!

(One of the editor's favorite choices in dog reading!) Bark magazine will keep you abreast of the latest in dog trends. Entertaining and heartwarming articles make this a favorite among dog lovers. Interviews, monthly tips from leading experts and timely, seasonal news to help you take care of your dog, and get the most out of being a pet owner.

Dog Registration

At the core of our site, is a secure, searchable database which stores your dog's data in a publicly accessible profile. Rescue teams, local authorities, veterinarians, and good samaritans can identify your dog when you register here. Prevention is the best cure when it comes to losing a loved pet.

Message Storage

Connecting and meeting with fellow dog owners has never been easier! Remove the storage space and messaging limitations by upgrading your account. Messaging through the site keeps your email and contact information secure, while providing a great networking experience. When your dog gets found, you get notified directly.

Custom Dog ID Tags

Registered, upgraded members get assigned an 8-digit code for their dog. Your dog's tag will be complete with your dog's name, ID code, and vital statistics that will ensure anyone finding your dog will know how to reach you, quickly and safely.

Advanced Search & Matching

With upgraded membership, additional search options based on category, breed, age, status and even locality will be opened up. We are continually adding to the system, based on user feedback and suggestions.

Reduced Ads

We work really hard to ensure a great experience on Dog-Find.com and every advertiser in our network has been screened - most are hand selected. Overall we know ads are annoying and can slow page loading, so our banner ads are turned off under upgraded accounts.

Good Cause

Nothing is more rewarding than helping a cause that you care about. Our staff works behind the scenes to: A) Stay on top of lost dog reports B) Assist with dog adoption, C) Stop animal cruelty, breaking up underground dogfighting chains, D) encourage responsible breeding practices, and finally, E) Make a positive impact on society and the dog loving community.

Link to License

State and local authorities do impose a fine if your dog is not licensed. Depending on the area you live in, the licensing process may vary. The great news: We take care of all your dog needs by registering your dog with a photo ID, we assist you in getting your dog licensed (where necessary), and we synchronize your license with your registration.

Blog Privileges

Our blog pages are exposed to dog owners and ethusiasts in any locality. Sharing a post creates an instant connection on your facebook page, which reaches 1000's. By contributing articles, blog posts, links and dog rescue news, you are helping the dog community, and your link helps your business from an SEO standpoint. Run a dog business? Network with us!

Increased Messaging Features

In addition to the storage benefits, upgraded accounts also get extended message editing (longer messages), and also more content space in the dog's profile. This means you can post a photo of your favorite dogs in their own custom profile page, then post the profile link to Facebook. You can even create a memorial for dogs who have passed away.

Posting to Facebook Networks

All profile pages are facebook and social-networking optimized with the latest meta-tags. You can cut-paste your profile URL into your facebook wall, and your link is instantly shared. When - perish the thought - your dog gets lost, we spring into action, and do everything possible to assist with posting your dog's profile to all the local area authority websites.

Discounts with Affiliates

Shop with our many affiliate partners, friends, companies, and fellow dog-services and enjoy various money saving discounts, specials, and bargains throughout the year. Stay on top of the latest by subscribing to our recurring newsletter!

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