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Dog Services

Dog Adoption

Post all your dogs for adoption here! Simply register a free account, and you can organize all your dogs in one place. Copy/Paste profile links to other websites, for easy sharing. Connections are made here, with opportunities to sell and make great relationships with other dog enthusiasts, professionals, and service providers.

Dog Appointment Reminders

One of the many great features of Dog-Find.com is our friendly reminder service. With text/email notifications for all your dog-related appointments, you will never forget or miss the vet appointment you made months ago. The day Sparky learned to roll over will never go unremembered! Celebrations, milestones, special dates can all be saved in the special dog calendar, located under your account profile. This is accessible only to registered members (*also free!)

Dog Registration

The most important thing you can do as a responsible pet owner, is ensure your dog's photo and details are on file with a dependable, publicly accessible registration network. Many dog owners overlook this vital, yet simple, easy step, but ignoring this need often makes the difference between finding a lost dog in a happy reunion with their owners or continuing in a fruitless search, ending in loss and despair.

While no service or registry in the world can provide a guarantee in finding a lost pet, having experienced, dog-loving experts take every step possible to notify local authorities and search groups, and providing positive profiling [including lost dog posters] is the absolute best measure to take to prepare and prevent this from ever happening.

Statistic: Did you know that 3.9 million dogs were lost and admitted to animal shelters in 2015? 2.7 million of those had to be euthanized, largely due to inability to find dog owner. We believe this number can be greatly reduced if animals are properly tagged and registered.
      * Data Source: ASPCA website, national estimates

Dog Search & Rescue Services

At dog-find.com, our search and rescue services are the heart and soul of this website. Building the most easy to use, accessible and searchable database is our goal. Using the power of the Internet, mobile devices, and networking links, the search efforts may happen offline, but communication efforts are largely online - mostly through cell phones. We are well within the next generation of technology and we must utilize it for all the positive benefits it provides. Prevention is the cure for so many things.

What do you do when you see a stray dog running alone, with no owner in site? A: Do your part in the community! Take out your cell phone, snap a quick photo and upload it HERE, on our website. Our free posting system asks only a few basic details - whatever you can determine - press the save button and the dog network has now been notified, thanks to YOU! We appreciate all contributors to this website, and the ongoing efforts to reunite lost dogs with their owners, and raising awareness in the many issues surrounding dogs and dog ownership.

Dog Accessory Products

Along with the long list of features and benefits in our website, we are also purveyors of some great dog products. The first and foremost product we feature, is our premium dog tags, for the safety and proper registration of your beloved pet. You get one free tag, included with your premium registration. We highly encourage registering, and enjoying the benefits of the premium membership. The best part, is for all the value based dog services we provide, we only ask an extremely small fee/donation for a priceless service to animals and animal lovers everywhere!

Dog Support Hotline

Get direct, straightforward answers to all of your dog questions. In almost every dog situation, just having an additional viewpoint and advice can make the difference in your decision making process. We do not render veterinary services through this website, but we can absolutely recommend our best opinions, pointing to the most viable options, as all of our staff are experienced dog owners, breeders, and have worked in the animal care industry. Please fill out our Contact Form and we will assign the best expert to handle your support request.

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