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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a dog that I found?

As a public poster, you may take a photo and upload it to the site. This is considered an anonymous post, but you can fill in your details so we may get in touch with you (ie: when someone has identified the dog.) To make things easier, consider registering as it makes communication between us easier. Post the dog's photo here using the UPLOAD link here or at bottom of page. Describe as much as possible (location, breed [if known], color, etc) and this will alert us of the lost dog. This is the first and most important step in the process!

How do I search for a dog that I found?

The most comprehensive part of this website is the public accessible, searchable database. If the dog you found has been registered (and let's hope this is the case) the dog should be wearing a dog collar with ID tag. This ID tag will have an 8-digit code which will identify immediately who the owner is. Simply click the search icon, enter in the code, and the dog's public profile will appear. From here, you can easily contact the owner! *Please note: if the dog has not been registered, some additional search work is involved, and this is where our website can help. Refer to above information on posting!

What is Upgrading?

We offer several different levels of service on this website. Depending on your level of interest and needs, you may want to upgrade to take advantage of important site features, namely registering your dog with a proper code and tag. Other benefits are listed and explained on the Upgrade page.

Why Should I Register?

Designed to be a simple process, registering allows you to manage your personalized information. We only collect basic details, and this site will always keep your email address private. Communication between other dog lovers and important notifications are several key reasons to register!

Is this site registering my dog with the state?

No. State dog licensing is a separate process and requires separate paperwork. As a part of our service, we provide members with necessary information for licensing a dog in your state and county. It's very easy and a small fee applies (varies by area.) We link our modern database - loaded with convenience, easy access and features - with the antiquated system of dog licensing to comply with all local laws and policies. We do recommend after registering here at www.dog-find.com, to submit your request via our Contact Form and we will E-mail you all your available options.

Do you sell pet supplies?

We get product requests all the time. We do not currently have an online store to sell dog products, but we are considering several dog-related affiliate programs and will most likely offer a few links in the future! Be sure to bookmark our site (after registering!)

Can I put my link or banner on your site? (For advertisers)

There is always room on a site for affiliates, resources, links, and other dog-related articles. We are always refreshing our content and want to feature great new websites, dog news, and other interesting stories for our visitors. Please fill out our Contact Form and we will discuss the details!

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